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ROLE: Content Strategist & Copywriter

TIMELINE: 2 weeks at 10 hours/week (20 hours total)

OUTCOME: New and streamlined redesign, company brand and messaging for Storch Law PLLC.
Modernize the design of Storch Law’s website. Develop content that helps explain the value proposition of collaborative family law as well as explain what it is and how it differs from other possible divorce options.
Redesign the site and logo to reflect the authentic voice and value that Storch Law delivers to their clients.

Storch Law had a longstanding existing brand and robust catalogue of articles and resources available on its website, particularly regarding collaborative family law practices in Washington State. It was our job to sift through the mass of data and pull out the most relevant content to streamline the online experience for visitors and effectively target messaging to best reach the practice's growing client base, providing clear paths to resources that inform without overwhelming and generate direct leads for Storch Law.

In addition to a modern, professional, minimalistic design, we worked with Storch Law to research and report on the industry. By juxtaposing collaborative law with alternative services, we increased the website's visibility while, most importantly, helping inform potential clients who may not know what choices they have.
Research and rewrite website copy, design custom site them and logo, build and launch the full website complete with marketing forms and analytics.
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