Hi, there! I’m Thea, and I’m a freelance writer and UX designer based in Seattle, WA. I enjoy building products that provide creative solutions, empower people and help elevate the way we all live.

My background in both the media and content marketing amounts to more than ten years of experience in multimedia communications. As a writer, journalist, and book designer and editor, I honed my skills in interviewing and research, narrative composition, and creative project management. My passion for storytelling—in all forms—serves as a valuable pillar strengthening my work in UX design and informing my personal approach to user centered ideation. 

When I’m not designing, I enjoy reading, baking, camping, and doing crosswords with my fiancé (in between episodes of of our favorite streaming shows, that is!) I’ve also been known to wake up in the middle of the night in a fit of inspiration from time to time—ever appreciative of the spark it ignites in me and my work. 

A lover of lifelong learning and trying new things, I am always looking for opportunities to grow, develop new skills, and create beautiful works with others. 

Sound like your cup of tea? Drop me a note and let’s chat!
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